Our wide lines of inflatable products are designed to cover each and every one of your needs. Our Creative Design department will help you create an unforgettable promotion if you require it. We also offer comprehensive programs to maximize your advertising.

With the ultimate purpose of increasing its sales, Giant images de México offers a complete line of inflatable products.


If you can imagine it, we can build it•a unique, one-of-a-kind product or program that’s distinctively yours. We can turn your product into a larger than life interactive promotion to target your markets and meet your goals. Count on us to create the right design, and make sure it works for you. Your finished inflatable can take shape.


We pride ourselves in giving all our customers unsurpassed service. Successful promotions and events take more than just a product or equipment. They require creativity, imagination, coordination, and much more. We will work closely with you to create the ultimate promotion. Whether you’re buying, we are dedicated to helping you make your promotion or event the best that it can possibly be.

We are constantly observing inflatables in use and obtaining feedback on increasing their enjoyment and safety. This all results in unsurpassed quality and dependability. You can depend on us to provide you with the highest quality inflatables and interactive games and the best customer service possible.


We pride ourselves in innovative and creative manufacturing techniques constantly. Our inflatables are manufactured with our exclusive web reinforcement technique at every critical seam. We use top quality manufactured fabric, industrial strength thread and the best paint and digital imaging available.

Business Mission

Our mission is to make your company’s advertising more effective and dynamic and to meet your needs globally, in US you will find the perfect broker between the consumer and its product or service. Trust us and understand why we are the only company in Mexico able to manage with profitability inflatable advertising.


To be the leading company in advertising of inflatable replicas worldwide, considered as the best option for its consumers, customers and collaborators highly productive and human, supported in technology, recognized for its professionalism and excellence In the service. In Giant images of Mexico you will find all the resources to cover your need for inflatable advertising, reflecting quality, realism and creativity.

Strategic Purposes

  • Growth
  • Profitability
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Business Capacities
  • Social responsibility

Business values

Collaborators are obliged to comply with the policies and regulations established by Giant images of Mexico, should be an example in the observance of the rules that govern their community.

Giant Images of Mexico has a set of values established and promoted among all its collaborators.

What are the values for us?

  1. Discipline: Attacking and complying with policies and procedures.
  2. Honesty: Adhere to the truth to generate confidence. Respect.
  3.  Respect: We interact by recognizing collective interests, individual diversity, the sustainability of natural resources and institutionality
  4. Passion Do things with emotion, infect them with more of their good attitude.
  5. Integrity: We act with firmness, righteousness, honesty, coherence, and sincerity, trustworthy.
  6. Equity: We proceed with fairness, equality, and fairness, seeking a positive and inclusive social impact.
  7. Quality: Pursuit of excellence.
  8. Reliability: credibility and legality: we only promise what we can fulfill, we regard our agreements as an obligation and we respect law and law.
  9. Responsibility and Sustainability: we act responsibly in the interests of our company, taking into account the impact on society and the environment.
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